Monday, September 13, 2010

Cabin Update

Well it's been a while since any post's were posted. I have not been up to the Cabin much this year. Me and Danette went in July one weekend then me and my dad went up on a saturday in August to do some work on Grandma Fowler's cabin. Then this last week I went up on the 8th and came back on the 11th whch was very fun. I had my two dogs with me they seemed to enjoy it as well. It was kinda cold had some rain up there I had to build a couple fires inside. Had about 8 hotdogs in 3 nights I don't think I can eat another one for a while. And I saw 2 moose and 8 deer got some pretty pictures as well. Anyone else been on any trips to the cabin you want to tell us about.

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