Monday, September 13, 2010

A new Cabin inside!

Well this past Cabin season as been very great there have been many improvements on the inside that many have spent many long hours on it looks very nice for many of us to enjoy. Here is a list of all the new improvements
  • Tiled floor all down stairs
  • Bathroom transformed has a Tub and a pedestal sink and a new toilet new paint.
  • New baseboards down stairs.
  • New Brown couch Now there's two of them.
  • Two new built closets up stairs and a door to the master bedroom.
  • Railing on the stair well

There have been many improvements feel free to come up some time to see everything and enjoy the cabin and the beauty all around. If you need key's to get up there we can locate some.

Picture Book Idea

I have a great idea I don't know what anyone else thinks but here it is. Everyone takes pictures up at the cabin and there are allot of good ones so I was thinking of buying a picture album and anyone can print out pictures that you have taken on any past or future trips to the cabin and we will leave it up there for all to enjoy. What do you all think?

Cabin Update

Well it's been a while since any post's were posted. I have not been up to the Cabin much this year. Me and Danette went in July one weekend then me and my dad went up on a saturday in August to do some work on Grandma Fowler's cabin. Then this last week I went up on the 8th and came back on the 11th whch was very fun. I had my two dogs with me they seemed to enjoy it as well. It was kinda cold had some rain up there I had to build a couple fires inside. Had about 8 hotdogs in 3 nights I don't think I can eat another one for a while. And I saw 2 moose and 8 deer got some pretty pictures as well. Anyone else been on any trips to the cabin you want to tell us about.